The Power of Design

We help make dreams a reality


iStock_000015524367XSmallCreative Environmental Architectural Designs, PLLC, (CEAD), is a full-service Architectural Firm located in downtown Biloxi, MS designing special places for you. CEAD is client focused with a desire to help turn your dreams into a reality. With over 30 years of cumulative experience in the design and construction profession, CEAD is ready and able to provide the services you require and deserve.


CEAD takes a team approach with its design efforts. The client is the most important player without whom there would be no dream, no project. Realizing it takes excellent communication, cooperation, and hard work for a successful project, CEAD  strives every day to ensure its abilities and the abilities of the team are utilized to the max.

In a sense, we are a CEAD–a ‘seed’–for the growth of dreams and needs into reality, into a built environment. Architecture is just that: a culmination of the client’s dreams and needs in cooperation with good design and technology that is developed into a functional and comfortable form with the proper relationship to its inhabitants and the environment it is within. As the late great Sambo Mockbee stated, “Architecture is a social art, and as a social art, it is our responsibility to make sure that CEAD is delivering architecture that meets not only functional and creative comforts, but also spiritual comfort”.

Allow CEAD to help provide you a special place. Give us a call and allow our staff and consultants to turn your dream into a reality.

 Be blessed,

George Moody Reed, III, AIA, NCARB